Inventors who created your world

Fellow engineers, this month our TOP 3 column is dedicated to those who made a great influence in everyday world of engineer. Those who created something that changed aviation history and influenced the technology of today. There is no doubt that you know or use these devices every day, but do you know who actually did create it? So let us introduce to you those, whose name should be remembered!

Edwin_LinkEdward Albert Link

Most likely, your day revolves around full flight simulator: monitoring of its procedures, ensuring the uninterrupted operations. The technology on which it is based is self-evident, yet so amazing. But have you ever wondered how everything started, or to be more exact who started everything? The answer is Edward Albert Link. In 1928 he presented the Link Trainer (“Blue Box”), the first electromechanical simulator. It included a fuselage with a cockpit and a motion. First of all, the simulator has been used for entertainment purposes, and just after that it became a device for pilot training.

Eric Gough

Once again, the inventor of the device you could not imagine your day without – the six axis of the full flight simulator. Probably D. Stewart is well known for you, as the platform is called the Steward platform. However, to be absolutely fair, the platform should be the Gough/Stewart platform. And there is a very simple reason for it. A slightly different platform, the 6-axis jack layout, although originally first one, has been created and presented by the Eric Gough in 1954.

whittle_von_hainFrank Whittle and Hans von Ohain

When talking about the jet engine one name also cannot be mentioned. Both Hans von Ohain and Frank Whittle are recognized as the creators of jet engines. Interestingly, they both worked separately and had no clue about each other. Hans von Ohain created his engine a bit earlier, however F.Whittle obtained patent faster (1930). Then again the aircraft with Ohain’s engine first flew in 1939, while Whittle only in 1941.

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