How to motivate your engineer?

Word engineer not only describes the profession, but also the type of personality. Working in aviation simulation industry we all get to work with engineers on our daily basis. Yet not always do we know how to handle successful communication with them. How to reach them and what motivates engineers? Here are some points that hopefully will change your attitude towards the engineers and will help to understand them better.

  • Say that problem is unsolvable. To solve problems is in the nature of engineers. All they do is solve problems, and if there is no problem they will create one to solve it. Telling them that you cannot solve the problem is simply using the reverse psychology. It’s the same as when you want something a lot more when you know that you cannot get it. Here is the same, the more you say that engineer cannot solve the problem, the more eager they become to prove you are wrong. And the result? Problem solved!
  • Boost engineer’s ego. Usually there are many ways to boost someone’s ego: you can try money or promotion or other things. However, money is not always the best encouragement for engineers, and they do not care about public opinion… unless you talk about their wisdom. If you really want to boost engineer’s ego, you should emphasize how smart he or she is. This is the value they live for.
  • Use their ideas. Admitting that engineer is clever is only the first step. The second step is to implement their idea in order to prove that the idea was good. Engineers put a lot of effort in creating one or other idea. They make research and they plan carefully, that’s why the greatest reward is simply acknowledging the effort and using the idea.

We hope these few ideas on how to motivate your engineer will be helpful. However if you have your own “recipe” of how to do that, then please do not hesitate to share your ideas with our readers And in return we promise you a great SimHelp gift!

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